Kleinman Family Law is a boutique firm designed to meet the diverse needs of individuals as they navigate their way through separation and divorce.  Together with his staff, Michael Kleinman provides timely, supportive legal advice and representation to resolve complex issues such as parenting, child support, spousal support and property division.  

While focussing on a client’s legal rights and personal interests, mindful of the trauma often associated with family discord, Kleinman Family Law maintains the highest professional standards, and strives for reasonable, creative, cost-effective results to achieve positive new beginnings for clients and their families.

Kleinman Family Law strongly promotes settlement by means of negotiation and mediation. When issues must be litigated, before the courts or in private arbitration, Michael Kleinman advocates skillfully on behalf of his clients.

Michael Kleinman also advises clients who are starting new relationships in relation to Cohabitation Agreements and Marriage Contracts.  

In addition to providing legal counsel to individual clients, Michael Kleinman is frequently retained to provide neutral evaluation, mediation and arbitration services.